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I’ve been working on a book, a memoir, and that has pretty much absorbed my writing energy at this time.  Also, I recently had a discussion with a friend and fellow radical feminist activist who is also working on her memoir, and we concurred that it is important to step back from the world a bit while delving into one’s personal narratives of child sexual abuse and such.  Therefore, I haven’t been blogging much.  Obviously.  It’s been a few weeks.

Nevertheless, I keep coming across stuff that makes me think I should get this up on gray horse woman.

So I am just going to pop a couple of things up here for regular readers and stoppers-by to check out.  I’ll leave no commentary, although I’ve got oodles to say, and leave it up to you folks to chat about, if you like.  Truly, it would be lovely to hear from you, because it’s been mostly spammers and men looking for women being raped by horses who have been dropping by while I haven’t been actively writing.

First is this gem I grabbed from a chapter summary on from a book titled Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Gender.

Then there is this lovely extension of our porn culture:

College Sugar Daddy website

(Now, back to my book.)


An addendum to On libido:

This article claims, um, “feminism” to be responsible for men’s increase in use of Viagra….

Some things speak for themselves

: screen shot of ad that Facebook put on my Facebook sidebar today: