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A Happy New Year

I am in need of cartooning skills.  If I had them, this post would look like this:

The Old Man Time 2011 is passing the year to the new Baby Boy 2012.  A woman is intercepting, passing the year to a baby girl, saying “Buddy, it’s time for a change.”  The baby boy is wailing.



My blog just passed its one-month anniversary.  I have published 20 posts.  I’ve noted signs of addiction.

Is it impacting other commitments in your life?  Yes.  It’s enabling me to continue to perfect the art of procrastination for all those things I really don’t like to do, like house cleaning and shopping for gifts for other people’s holidays.

Do you think about it when you should be concentrating on other things?  Yes.  Not only that, I think about all the other great radical feminist blogs, their energy, their importance.

Are you unable to quit?  I will answer that in classic addiction terms:  Well, I can quit at any time.  I just don’t want to.

Seriously, I am delighted that there is an online community of women articulating and formulating the ongoing framework for radical feminism.  The picture on my blog banner may be a stock photo that comes with this WordPress theme, but it could well be a picture of my driveway.  I’ve never been in a space with more than a half-dozen radical feminists at a time, and then only when I’ve driven across the state.  The last time I was in such a space was almost 15 years ago.

But I will need to apply some moderation.  I am working on a novel and will be starting work in January on a radical feminist anthology with a co-editor.  I also have two big freelance project commitments that will hit the fan in the spring and fall.

So I’ll be blogging and reading blogs less frequently, compartmentalizing it to certain days of the week.  And I will be looking forward to it with the excitement of receiving that really big box of vegan holiday chocolates I ordered last week.