I am a radical feminist, an animal rights activist, and an environmental activist.  Just about everyone I know is irritated by at least one of those things.  But it works for me.


5 responses to “About

  • doublevez

    If the citizenry would only give half the time and funds to elderly women that they do to animals. If the judiciary would only protect elderly women’s rights, the way they protect prisoners’ rights.

  • doublevez

    No radical feminist wastes her energy and time working for men’s issues: animal rights, and environmental activism are their issues. They don’t need your energy. Men of the left do not give a damn about you, or me, or any woman’s rights issue beyond lip service, and just enough to keep the Feminist Lite, Liberal feminist and Faux Rad Fem toiling. They will NEVER work for your issues. Keep removing my posts. We all know why you’re removing them. If you must remove something, remove “Radical Feminist”.

  • wohom

    I have never removed any of your comments. As a matter of fact, the first time you commented on my blog was this week. You responded to the piece titled “Invisibility.” I not only posted that comment, but thanked you for it. Also, I am unclear as to where on the blog I am “working for men’s issues”?

  • Sue

    Greetings Feral Gray. First I’ll just put out a feeler to see if you’re still checking these messages… are you?

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