stats (some things just speak for themselves)


5 responses to “stats (some things just speak for themselves)

  • Bedelia Bloodyknuckle

    I have search terms similar to those on my blog. It is sick what men are searching for online……

  • womononajourney

    I hope women and well-intentioned men reading this post realize what we’re up against. Men who seek out pornography need to be socially shunned until they change their behavior and attitudes towards women.

  • Rainbow Riot

    I get search terms like that, too, in my stats. It is sickening. :/

  • wohom

    This has been particularly stressful for me, because Gray Horse is a name that is important to me. I am considering starting a new site, under a different name. When these search engine terms first starting showing up, I googled one to see what kind of porn these, I assume, men were looking for. I’ve done a lot of Internet porn research and have written and published in this area. So I am not, to choose an ironic word, unexposed or naive. But I now have the image of a video of a woman being raped by a small horse in a bedroom associated in my mind with “Gray Horse.” This is truly one of the most disturbing acts against a woman that I have ever witnessed. I have to find a way to re-cleanse “Gray Horse” in my mind and identity.

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