The making of an angry woman

On the day of the anniversary of the Montreal femicide, on the day that I notice that the number one search terms bringing traffic to my site are those looking for women being raped by horses, on the day I come across this on the Radical Resolution blog,

this just makes me angrier.

Go figure.


6 responses to “The making of an angry woman

  • FCM

    “ask men” has this as its tagline: become a better man. funny how they accomplish this goal by hating on radical feminists, which is a requirement for all good misogynists. and they say men and misogynists arent the same thing!

  • Rainbow Riot

    I have been struck with grief over that girl’s death. She was assaulted and killed very, very close to where I live. To think that monsters are this close makes my heart sick. I am angry. I am sad.

    But I suppose I should be trying to turn my anger into action.

  • smash

    We have good reasons to be angry. It is insane to not be angry.

  • sea

    Men come here looking for images of horses raping women? A little girl was found in a dumpster? A man murdered woman engineers because they were feminists? How can people continue to see these as the isolated actions of a few nutters? The world is completely MAD with denial! Oh I can feel my heart doing something in my chest, it hurts.

  • wohom

    Re: The CNN quote posted on Radical Resolution.

    It is very troubling and horrific that the little girl was murdered. The comment itself, however, shows an embedded belief in the expendability of females. The commentator is essentially saying that if this same murder had instead happened to the same girl a few years from now, it would not be so egregious. Just another dead woman.

  • Michiru

    @wohom and they say men are
    the expendable gender.

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