Lesbian rape “documentary”

I came across this video, She Stole My Voice, while trying to find some research on lesbian sexual violence.  Although it was released two years ago, I couldn’t find anything on feminist blogs critiquing it.  But it was reviewed on a men’s rights website as “utterly ground-breaking.”

This “award-winning” “documentary” is pornography.  No, I have not watched the entire movie (and I don’t intend to put any money in the pockets of the filmmakers to do so), but the film’s trailers show rape narratives juxtaposed with pornified reenactments.  The highly popular thirty-two outtakes on YouTube—retitled variously as “lesbian seduction,” “sex porno lesbians,” and “sister incest hot sex girls pussy”—confirm that this is a porno flick.  Pro-rape commentary on the YouTube videos include:

In my opinion, anything hot/sexy isn’t a crime. And if the *ahem* ‘victim’ whines that it is, well then they just didn’t appreciate that the lesbian rapist found them sexy.

Regardless, the filmmakers attempt to maintain the following false distinction between their film and pornography:

There are almost no depictions of it [lesbian rape] anywhere. The only video versions of lesbian rape that exist right now are found in pornography, in which the “victim” invariably starts to enjoy the rape. 

(Note the use of victim placed in quotes in both excerpts above…..)

Clearly, the filmmakers did not do their research.  I have.  A distinguishing characteristic of rape pornography is victims pleading, crying, and cowering.  That’s exactly the kind of pornography that turns a rapist on.

This film deserves the full censure of the community of women.  Lesbian sexual violence does need to be discussed and understood.  But this is a film for rapists.  It is not an advocacy film.

One response to “Lesbian rape “documentary”

  • kathryn

    I haven’t seen the film either, only the website and the trailer. I believe it is an honest attempt at an advocacy film. However I am uneasy about the effect of the re-enactment sequences. That many viewers (if there are many viewers) will not be able to distinguish between rape and “hot” sex. They will view these as fantasies. Indeed, as the writer above says, as pornography. There was a substantial minority in the lesbian community that advocated for violent sexual fantasy, as SM porn. I recall a published story by Pat Califia in which a lesbian martial artist is picked up on the street by police, held in jail for days, and repeatedly gang-raped. At the end of the story it is revealed that it’s her birthday, and the jailing and gang rapes are her birthday gift, an enactment of her own fantasy. That story hurt. I know a lot of lesbian martial artists who have worked long and hard to learn and teach self-defense to women and girls, often without getting paid for that work, in the hopes of empowering women and stopping violence against women.

    There were a lot of arguments about “SM” and pornography in the lesbian community–the so-called “sex wars” of the 1980s and 90s. Lesbians argued about whether these represented violence against women, or could be “consensual” and “empowering” for women who choose to participate in them. The pro-porn and pro-SM factions took on the title of “pro-sex” and labeled the anti-violence women as “anti-sex.”

    Which seems to me like labeling people who are anti-McDonald’s as “anti-food.”
    There is food, outside of McDonald’s. Italy started Slow Food, in protest against McDonald’s. Slow Food is an affirmation of quality food, taking time to cook, even grow, your own food, eating with the seasons, enjoying connection with Nature and other people, through sharing quality food.

    We need Slow Sex. Choosing to stay away from junk sex, violence, pornography, fast-sex, sex with no boundaries or ethics, no intimacy or emotional connection or love—is not anti-sex. Even if it does involve taking time off from sex for awhile. Our entire so-called civilization is screwed-up, on the subject of sex, can’t think straight (so hung-up on hetero-normativity, and violence-as-the essence of what sex is) that large numbers of people can’t even imagine sex without violence, or without a penis that gazintathe vagina, or both. Unfortunately (for lesbian utopia) some of those large number of people, are lesbians.

    What exists outside of emotionally-dead or deadening sex, is peace and quiet. Enjoying being alone, making friends. Experiencing one’s own joy in being in body, being alive. And eventually, quality sex. Why settle for junk when you can have quality? Quality is relative, there are shades of quality. If talking about consenting adults, this isn’t a black and white clear-cut issue of right v. wrong, rape-murder v. love-and-monogamy-or-whatever-your-ideal-is—-there are many shades of gray in between, many ways of being a human being. (The line between good and evil runs down the middle of every human heart–who said that?) Maybe lesbians will find ways of talking about sex and violence between lesbians that don’t result in such polarization. (Don’t count on it–look what happened to the discussion around abortion in this country–“pro-life”v. “pro-choice”–and a complete denial and silence around what it means to women and children when women give birth to unwanted children.) (Or any other topic in our politics..polarizing opposites are the way many people think,. it seems..) And so much blame.

    Maybe lesbians need to write first (no photos, no film) to describe experiences of sexual violence, before it will ever be possible to make a film that is not pornography.

    Anyone who doubts, that lesbians can be violent, needs to remember…

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