My father hated feminists.  He was actually behind a campaign to stop a women’s studies program from launching at his university in the 1970s.  When that didn’t work, he followed up with periodic harassing letters to the head of the program.  I know this because 30 years later, she showed them to me. My father […]

This morning, I had a group of women over for a potluck brunch.  It was a “jammies party,” so everyone came in their jammies.  It was like a sleep over, without the actual sleeping over.  I knew only a few of the women.  The other women were new acquaintances, friends of friends of friends. About […]

This video, I HATE being a Girl, hit a strong note.  So although I came across it today at gendertrender, I decided to write about it here. I hated being a girl, too.  I still hate having been a girl.  I can’t rewrite that.  Being a girl was rough.  And when as a girl I looked […]

The deadline for the anthology on trauma (more info here) has been extended to February 15.  The deadline has been extended to collect more stories relating to “witnessing and/or experiencing a traumatic event or events during genocide, war (including veterans), race/religious-based violence, natural catastrophes, physical and mental health traumas, and more.”  However, the editors have […]

Call for Stories About Trauma–New Anthology Call for Stories About Trauma We seek personal stories about trauma for an anthology. Trauma is defined widely, including witnessing and/or experiencing a traumatic event or events during genocide, war, sexual violence, domestic violence, race/gender/religious/sexual orientation-based violence, childhood abuse, natural catastrophes and more. The focus of the stories can […]

Call for Contributions:   Narrative Anthology on Disability/Disablism and Academia This call invites contributions in which the lived experience of disability/disablism is narrated in the context of minoritized identities and in relation to academic institutions.  Contributions are sought from scholars who work without and within academic institutions, allies, advocates, and other authors whose writings explore […]

Police officer on video assaulting member of the Native American community: Sign petition here to remove the officer from duty More information here

Pfizer pharmaceuticals popped a side bar ad onto my Facebook page titled, “Get Old.” Curious, I clicked on it and was taken to a page that offered to me the following choices for how I feel about getting old: optimistic, angry, prepared, and uneasy. These are all medicalized, pharmaceutically lucrative views of aging. Choices 1,2 […]

I helped organize a recent Take Back the Night March and Rally.  It had the usual combination of march, speakers, and vigil.  We also threw in some free food and music and had a good night of anger, reflection, laughs, and sorrow. More than once that evening, a well-known fact was cited by speakers at […]

…because I’ve been working on a memoir, finished that now, and now an anthology.  I’ve started a new job as a director of a feminist program.  And I’ve been enjoying myself, doing some of my favorite things.  Been pretty busy. However, the core reason I have not been blogging is the following: Several months ago, […]

(This post relates to an earlier one, Effing our own movement.) The following is an excerpt from a lesbian friend’s Facebook feed, two of her acquaintances chiming into a conversation about Ellen DeGeneres: I’m sure you know someone who’s boned someone who’s boned someone who knows Ellen’s hairstylist…that just seems to be how these things […]

Facebook debate between animal rights activists about this PETA video: Man one:  hahaha! Terrible! Omg. That was funny. And it doesn’t suggest violent sex, it just says that being a vegan may lead to prolonged sex that may involve ones head hitting the wall… it is targeted for the crazier sect of society, and yes […]


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